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Incident/Accident Report

Track events from incident to resolution with customisable risk-based safety reports. Interactive investigation forums allow the involvement of all authorised personnel, with sign-off capabilities.

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Hazard/Risk Register

Identify and analyse the hazards in your organisation and manage the associated risks and controls. Create task profiles for core company tasks, linking identified risks and hazards.

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Audit Management

Plan, schedule and manage all internal and third party audits in a centralised system, including the assignment and tracking of corrective actions.

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Training, Qualifications & Check Forms

Track upcoming expiry dates for training and qualifications with automated reminders of approaching expiries. Design custom check forms to update relevant training items during assessments.

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Safety Statistics & Charts

Set up custom reports to return pertinent safety data. Includes predefined reports which provide an overview of the safety reports in an organisation by category, year and status.

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Electronic Forms

Create customisable online forms ranging from response plans, safety meeting minutes and induction checklists. Establish access controls and sign-offs for each form type.

Icon workpractices

Work Practices

Create controls relating to shift and duty hours, rest periods and work patterns and apply these to the required departments to monitor compliance.

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Operational Risk Assessment

Perform risk assessments which calculate the risk associated with conducting the proposed tasks. Multiple risk assessments can be customised, reflecting your operational activities.

Icon rostering


Compare between planned and actual rosters with roster and timesheet integration, versioning and alerting capabilities.

Icon personnel


Manage and monitor personnel contact details, training certificates, licences and personnel qualifications in a single repository. Incorporate custom fields for company-specific information.

Icon fatigue

Fatigue Management

Monitor personnel fatigue in the rostering and timesheets modules with internationally recognised fatigue risk models FAIDĀ® and Prior Sleep Wake Model.

Icon scheduling


Assign personnel to a variety of tasks. Tasks include custom fields to capture required information for that activity. View and filter tasks and activity via multiple calendar views.

Icon timesheets


Track personnel working times with custom timesheets and monitor employee fatigue in the rostering and timesheet modules with internationally recognised fatigue risk models. Create comprehensive reports on timesheet info for payroll.

Icon courses

Courses & Exams

Create and distribute online exams for compliance or training based on selected or random questions. Charting and reporting capabilities also allow you to analyse results and establish trends.

Icon dashboard

Safety Dashboards

Create a visual representation of safety reports in graph and report format using interactive dashboards which allow for advanced analysis of reports by risk level, type and cause category.

Icon leave

Leave Management

Streamline your organisation's leave application and approval process with an online roster integrated solution. Receive email alerts at each stage in the process and view all pending and approved leave requests in a centralised calendar.

Icon reporting


Create customised reports for any module in the application. Group report data by your preferred parameters. Export report data in a range of common formats including CSV, Excel, Word and PDF. Schedule automatic emailing of report information at specified intervals.

Icon library

Document Library

Store all organisational documentation in a secure library, enabling controlled distribution to personnel, including the ability to monitor the receipt and opening of documents.


One Maestro enhances both personnel and management systems through the integration of safety, operational and fatigue management modules.

One Maestro assists to manage safety requirements and promote safety culture across any operation by enabling personnel to log incidents, track risks and hazards, and manage trends.

One Maestro is offered with a high degree of customisability and allows for the addition of fields unique to each operation. Conditional custom fields and tabs can be enabled, that are only displayed when a particular condition is triggered.

Data is protected by security measures that restrict access from anyone who does not have a user profile on the system with the correct level of access to the data concerned.

One Maestro offers a dedicated help desk team that provides first-class customer service from enquiry to resolution.

One Maestro provides instant, on-demand access to vital information via an intuitive, easy-to use interface. Sensitive and critical data is centralised and accessed securely from any modern internet browser, anywhere in the world at any time.

Designed to dynamically scale to suit any screen, One Maestro will configure itself to resize and display optimally whether you are viewing on a desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Tailored training sessions can be booked both online or face-to-face within the workplace. You can find out more about training here.