Your data is protected by security measures that restrict access from anyone who does not have a user profile on your system with the correct level of access to the data concerned.

Frequent backups

One Maestro makes hourly transaction log backups and nightly full backups and these are immediately transferred to S3. In our EU and US environments, backups are also mirrored to another region within the same continent. Weekly backups are retained for 10 years and transferred to AWS Glacier for long term storage.

Contingency preparedness

One Maestro systems have multiple redundancies built in and are constantly being monitored and maintained to prevent any failures. However, in the event of a catastrophic failure, we have multiple contingencies in place should one or components of the hosting environment fail. These range from bringing up new servers within the existing environment or bringing up a replica of the hosting environment in a different region.

User access security

Each of your staff will be assigned a user account to allow them to access your One Maestro system. You are able to control who has access to your data by utilising a comprehensive set of access level preferences for each your users. Established security measures restrict access to anyone who does not have authorisation to access your site via their own username and password.